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Social impact analytics for entertainment, marketing, research and training

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  • How do you know that your content achieves a meaningful impact?

  • Do your programmes promote environmental awareness?

  • Are your fans or followers aligned with your values?

  • Does your research change public policy?

  • Does your marketing support racial justice?

  • Does your training lead to actionable change?

Interwoven helps content our clients…

  • glasses

    Measure the unmeasurable

    With custom frameworks and systems built for your goals

  • rumors

    Cut through the noise with evidence

    Through seamless data collection, analysis and reporting

  • ideas

    Generate ROI on the right dimensions

    So you can change hearts and minds at scale

15 Years Experience

Our team has a proven track record of designing social impact monitoring and evaluation tools for clients like the Inter-American Development Bank, Unilever, PwC and the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office. After starting a popular sustainable fashion event series and partnering with United Nations-led industry collaborations, we wanted to measure whether what we were doing was making a difference. To do this, we leveraged our experience across sustainability, creative content and technology to define metrics and build digital tools to measure our social impact. Now we’re making our tools available to you so you can demonstrate how what you do matters and continue to move the needle.

Case Study

Hella Social Impact works with brands and other organizations to assess how their actions and commitments support racial justice. Interwoven updated their assessment framework and designed a scalable, cloud-based system for automated data collection, analysis & reporting. As a result, Hella could go from manually assessing 10 brands at a time to automatically reporting on 100s of brands at a time, with input from 1000s of stakeholders.

Work with Interwoven

If you produce entertainment, marketing, research or training, you know that the best content influences audiences with a value that goes beyond money

  • Design a social impact framework for your specific goals
  • Review stakeholder opinions to validate the methodology
  • Build a seamless, scalable system to automate your data collection, analysis and reporting

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